USCAR Recognition Awards – 2003

2003 Award Recipients

  • USCAR began presenting Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2003 to recognize individuals who made significant contributions to USCAR during an extended period of time. Most recipients have been active USCAR participants for at least a decade. Their dedication, expertise and the value of their contributions to the organization and our member companies have been immeasurable.

    John Dickerson (Ford)
    Legal Stakeholders
    Pat Flaherty (Chrysler)
    Business & Policy Group/Executive Director
    Jim Quinn (GM)
    U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership
  • The Special Recognition Award is designed to recognize individual OEM participants who excelled in the past year and demonstrated their exceptional commitment to USCAR by going above and beyond the call of duty. It recognizes those whose leadership inspires their teams to achieve greatness.

    Cyrus Ashtiani (Chrysler)
    Energy Storage TLC: Energy Storage Tech Team
    Dave Brooks (Chrysler)
    Advanced Powertrain TLC: Low Emissions Partnership
    Bill Charron (Ford)
    Materials TLC: Automotive Metals Division
    Tom Dearlove (GM)
    Materials TLC: Automotive Composite Consortium
    Claudia Duranceau (Ford)
    Environmental TLC: Vehicle Recycling Partnership
    Jim Frusti (Chrysler)
    Environmental TLC: Fuels Working Group
    Ahsan Habib (GM)
    Energy Storage TLC: U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium
    Jody Hall (GM)
    Materials TLC: Auto/Steel Partnership
    Stan Iobst (GM)
    Materials TLC: Automotive Composite Consortium
    Jack Jensen (GM)
    Safety TLC: Occupant Safety Research Partnership
    Carl Johnson (Ford)
    Materials TLC: U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership
    Jim Jones (Delphi – GM Rep)
    Electrical/Electronics TLC: 42 Volt Working Group
    Scott Jorgensen (GM)
    Hydrogen TLC: Hydrogen Storage Tech Team
    Larry Laws (GM)
    Advanced Powertrain TLC: Vehicle Systems Analysis Tech Team
    Bob McCune (Ford)
    Materials TLC: Materials Tech Team
    Paul Nicastri (Ford)
    Electrical/Electronics TLC: 42 Volt Working Group
    Guglielmo Rabbiolo (Chrysler)
    Safety TLC: Safety Working Group
    Craig Ross (GM)
    Advanced Powertrain TLC: Transmission Working Group
    Michael Royce (Chrysler)
    Advanced Powertrain TLC: Low Emissions Partnership
    John Sargent (DOC)
    Manufacturing TLC: US A-Team
    Scott Schramm (Chrysler)
    Manufacturing TLC: Manufacturing Energy Reduction Task Force
    Dennis Siebers (Sandia National Laboratories)
    Advanced Powertrain TLC: Advanced Combustion & Emissions Control Team
    Greg Smith (GM)
    Advanced Powertrain TLC: Electrical & Electronics Tech Team
    Ralph White (Chrysler)
    Fasteners Committee
    Phyllis Yoshida (DOE)
    DOE FreedomCAR Director