USCAR leadership is composed of a council, a leadership group and seven technology leadership councils.

Each level of leadership includes representatives from each of the USCAR Member companies (Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Stellantis).

The USCAR Council provides overall strategic direction for USCAR and its Member company representatives are:

Matt Jones
Executive Director – Technology Strategy & Planning and Research & Advanced Engineering,
Ford Motor Company

Kent Helfrich
Executive Vice President and CTO, General Motors

Steve Rober
Global Head of Electronics & Semiconductor, Stellantis

The USCAR Leadership Group (ULG) provides operational direction to USCAR and its Member company representatives are:

  • Soraya Kim, Director, Research and Advanced Engineering Business Office, Ford
  • Paul Krajewski, Director, Vehicle Systems Research Lab, GM R&D Center
  • John Borowski, Senior Manager, Global Program Management Operations Lead, Stellantis

Technical Leadership Councils (TLC) for each of USCAR’s major automotive technology areas create teams and project portfolios to address key pre-competitive challenges or opportunities within their technical scope.

Daily operations and oversight are provided by the USCAR Executive Director; this role is currently held by Warwick Stirling.