Technical Glossary

AC: Alternating Current
ARPA: (or DARPA) Advanced Research Project Agency (Defense)
ATP: Advanced Technology Program
BAA: Broad Area Announcement
BTU: British Thermal Units
CIDI: Compression Ignition Direct Injection
CO2: Carbon Dioxide
CRADA: Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
DI: Direct Injection

DOC: U.S. Department of Commerce
DOD: U.S. Department of Defense
DOE: U.S. Department of Energy
DOT: U.S. Department of Transportation
EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
ERIP: Energy Related Inventions Program
FFRDC: federally funded research and development center
FY: Fiscal Year
MPG: miles per gallon
NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NOx: Oxides of Nitrogen
NSF: National Science Foundation
NVH: Noise, Vibration and Harshness
PEM: Proton ExchangeMembrane
PM: Particulate Matter
PNGV: Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles
PRDA: Program Research and Development Announcement
R&D: Research and Development
SBIR: Small Business Innovation Research
STTR: Small Business Technology Transfer
TRP: Technology Reinvestment Project