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Research Partner Awards

The Research Partner Awards recognize external collaborators, who have become essential members of our USCAR teams. They bring the depth and resources of their organizations or companies, expanding our circle of collaboration, and go the extra mile and to do more than their contracts require.

Jesse Adams, U.S. DOE technology manager and co-chair of the Hydrogen Storage Tech Team, provides exceptional leadership as a technology manager for a broad portfolio of projects in the pursuit of advancing hydrogen storage for fuel cell vehicles.  He coordinated joint meetings on cryo-compressed hydrogen storage, which resulted in DOE issuing a request for information focused on the need for advanced insulation for cold/cryo-compressed and cryo-sorbent hydrogen and liquid natural gas systems. In addition, Adams led the team in refining the U.S. DRIVE hydrogen storage system targets, which are critical in identifying the technologies needed for viable commercial applications. 

Cameron Dasch, director at Highwood Technology, is a member of the USAMP Validation of Material Models (VMM) Nondestructive Evaluation Team.  The ability to inspect carbon fiber structures is critical if they are to be used in common production.  Working with the NDE team, proposed solutions and developed working inspection capability for the carbon-fiber parts, testing coupons and structural pieces to be used in crash testing.  He also led a study to propose and test the feasibility of a structural health monitoring solution which will lead to an automated damage detection and recording system for carbon fiber structures in vehicles.  His work with the team represented efforts beyond expectations.