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U.S. DRIVE Electrical & Electronics Tech Team

Welcome to the Web page of the U.S. DRIVE Electrical & Electronics Tech Team (EETT).


Achieving energy independence will depend upon developing electric drive vehicles that are affordable for the average consumer. Core to this effort will be the development of power electronics and electrical machines as key enabling technologies for electric traction systems. This will require reducing the production cost of current automotive electric traction systems by a factor of four.

Additionally, the cost/ease of integrating electric traction systems into vehicle platforms must be significantly improved. This dictates a size reduction of over 50% with increased modularity to support increased system configurations and economies of scale. For the successful adoption of the technology, system integration will also be essential to reduce part count and to improve reliability, durability and manufacturability.

As technology moves from gasoline hybrids to full electric drive vehicles, the Electrical and Electronics Technical Team (EETT) is challenged with advancing the technologies required to make these vehicles more desirable than today's petroleum-fueled vehicles. The team will encourage the national research community and industry to focus on developing technologies that will lead to the commercial viability of electric traction systems in the future.

Click here to view the EETT's technical roadmap.

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