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Electrochemical Energy Storage Tech Team

Welcome to the Web page of the U.S. DRIVE Electrochemical Energy Storage (EES) Tech Team.


To develop electrochemical energy storage technologies which support commercialization of fuel cell, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

Strategic Vision:

The Electrochemical Energy Storage Tech Team seeks to promote long-term R&D within the domestic electrochemical energy storage (EES) industry and to maintain a consortium that engages automobile manufacturers, EES manufacturers, the National Laboratories, universities, and other key stakeholders.


For high-energy and high power energy storage technologies and models, the Electrochemical Energy Storage Tech Team shall continue its focus on understanding and addressing the following factors:

  • Continue development of high-power battery technologies to reduce cost to $20/kW and extend life to 15 years.
  • Develop battery technology to support electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.
  • Develop ultracapacitor technology for hybrid electric vehicle applications.
  • Conduct benchmarking activities for both high power and high energy batteries and ultracapacitors to validate technologies.
  • Publish technical goals and associated test procedures to guide the development of electrochemical energy storage systems.


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